About Us

GORILLAdigital makes the patented Mobile & Securer Cart, a technology cart that provides physical security for most any small form factor IT device. Mobile & Secure Carts are smart and rugged, capable of withstanding the hard knocks that come with the territory in the education, service bay and industrial markets.

Mobile & Secure Carts have many uses including:  presentation carts, mobile security camera carts, ID management carts,  time management stations, evidence presentation carts, the list goes on.  Please take a look at our testimonials to see just how much our customers trust and depend on the innovative and versatile Mobile & Secure Carts.

The proliferation of tablets in the workplace provided an opportunity for GORILLAdigital to design a rugged tablet stand for the Mobile & Secure Cart.  The resulting MONKEYmount is a steel and die cast tablet stand with an innovative ball joint that holds the tablet in a multitude of positions. Today, the MONKEYmount serves as a stand alone product too and our customers can expect to find more rugged and dependable IT accessories that promote productivity through mobility, security, and ergonomics.