About Us

gorillastickerGORILLAdigital is focused on designing proprietary solutions to make IT devices work better in large organizations. In schools, our KONGcart is an attractive solution for mounting projectors on a mobile pedestal in a secure and user friendly way. In corporations, our GORILLAdigital Universal Tablet Case with Keyboard provides a handy way to use iPads in a more productive manner, with a wireless keyboard built into an innovative kickstand and carry case. The MONKEYmount is as a universal tablet stand that allows the end user to manipulate tablets in a multitude of ways.

Since 2000, GORILLAdigital’s parent company, SecurityWorks, Inc., has been providing ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services to large, brand name companies in the area of computer mobility, security and ergonomics. Most companies want to deploy today’s cutting edge technology in their work place, but have not been able to do so in a productive and secure manner. GORILLAdigital excels in the design and production of a wide array of products that satisfy the most demanding requirements in corporate, education and government environments.

We have numerous patents that cover physical security, mobility and ergonomics of IT devices that are becoming smaller and more powerful. Many of our solutions are exclusive to our ODM customer base, but the offerings on this website have been specially designed for a wider market.

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