Lecture Capture Cart

Lecture Capture Cart

Lecture Capture Cart

Lecture Capture is trending in educational institutions as the ability to record and play-back important instructional material benefits student and teacher alike.  As lecture capture proliferates, the ability to make the hardware devices mobile and secure becomes an integral part of the solution.  One set of Lecture Capture equipment can be moved from room to room, making a school’s investment stretch as far as possible and create a larger impact.

GORILLAdigital designed a multimedia cart that is particularly suited to Lecture Capture.  The patented KONGcart, first introduced in 2010, is the only multimedia cart on the market that was specifically designed to provide physical security and ergonomics for small form factor IT/AV devices.  In the case of Lecture Capture equipment, the KONGcart provides physical security for all devices:

  • PTZ Camera
  • Encoder
  • Controller/Joy Stick
  • Microphone
  • Laptop
  • Document Camera
  • Tablet

While each device is locked down, it is surprising the level to which each piece of equipment is positioned at the user’s finger tips and remains very easy to use.  The brain trust behind GORILLAdigital got their start with AnchorPad, the pioneer of computer security for schools dating back to 1972. AnchorPad designed the first lock down device for the IBM Selectric, it was a 20” x 20” die cast hunk of steel that weighed 40 lbs. and grabbed the Selectric so a tractor couldn’t move it.  Very effective, however, GORILLAdigital set out in 2000 to design products with physical security that was hardly detectable, our goal was to protect valuable technology without making it look like Fort Knox.

GORILLAdigital’s KONGcart has been proven to protect school equipment, with over 5,000 in place protecting a mix of lcd projectors, document cameras, speakers and laptops, no instance of a school loosing equipment to theft or accidental damage has occurred.  In fact, one district customer had a series of summer smash and grabs in three schools, but the vandals were not able to remove the equipment installed on KONGcarts.

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