Crescent Plate


Approximately 7″ x 7″ steel plate with criss-cross slot pattern to allow for GORILLAdigital’s innovative locking feature.  The Crescent Plate attaches in one of three locations on the rear of the KONGcart.  The Plate is the perfect solution to lock tablets (see MONKEYmount 280 on this site), document cameras, scanners, small printers, etc.  Crescent Plate ships with security hardware to lock most devices, some devices require GORILLAdigital SKU 8130 (Security Disc Kit), call or email us to confirm best security for your device.

When contacting GORILLAdigital about security for your IT device on the Crescent Plate, please have the product brand name and model number available.  Call 714-668-8800, email  It is helpful to send a centered photo of the bottom footprint of your device too.

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