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100% Full OEM Compatibility

100% Life-Time Warranty and Full Technical Support

100% Double-Test Certified

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The Gartner Group calls manufacturer optics one of the biggest heists in the networking world.  In many cases, OEM optics are identical to manufacturer optics, but they do not cost the king’s ransom that manufacturer optics cost.

18 Year Track Record in Optics Industry

We Exceed Service Expectations

E-Rate Certified – Spin # 143049507
Minority Certified

Pricing Example – note, optics available for all network vendors


GORILLAdigital optical transceivers deliver Ethernet connectivity with confirmed compatibility, full conformity with network requirements, and lifetime support, while meeting an array of alacrity and span demands placed by most any system.

The GORILLAdigital optics family includes a wide range of offerings designed to meet performance and scalability requirements, enterprise, SMEs, and especially educational institutions.

GORILLAdigital has been working closely with educational institutions since our founding in 2000, and we are offering a special opportunity for schools that standardize on GORILLAdigital Optics for a two-year period.  GORILLAdigital will provide no-cost business partnership development services for Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs for any qualifying educational institution in the State of California.

CTE programs have demonstrated a strong positive effect on student outcomes, especially at-risk students.  Attendance rates, graduation rates and post-grad income levels among CTE students are noticeably higher across the State over the past ten years.  The State of California requires schools with certain CTE programs to enlist the participation of businesses for approximately 30% of the program involvement, but many schools are challenged to make this happen. However, GORILLAdigital has the resources and experience to help CTE programs recruit businesses in to satisfy State requirements and to enhance the CTE programs. See our web site for a more detailed explanation of this program.  To discuss this win-win program with someone at GORILLAdigital, email chris@goapedigital.com or call 714-585-6613.