Mobile Security Camera Cart


The Mobile Security Camera Cart from GORILLAdigital helps catch the thief anywhere in your workplace.  A heavy duty “J Arm” attaches on the right of left side of the KONGcart and a Universal Security Plate provides secure mounting for the security camera along with custom tamper-proof screws that come with the cart.  The 2800 has 5 heavy duty casters (two locking), a six outlet power supply with 20′ cord to the wall, and a handy cover big enough to camouflage the cart and camera.  The innovative circular design allows the cart to move effortlessly around in any workplace.

GORILLAdigital’s patented cart was designed to provide physical security for IT and AV hardware while keeping all hardware at the operator’s fingertips.  There are more than 5000 of these carts being used in distribution centers, transportation hubs, schools, etc. with no reports of equipment theft.  Mobile Security camera carts are perfect for semi-public environments with high levels of transient traffic.

The 2800 is modular and may be adapted to accommodate various hardware configurations, including dual security camera installation (see Accessory 8890).  Call or email GORILLAdigital to discuss your requirements.

Unassembled.  Price includes ground shipping.

GORILLAdigitasl Lecture Capture Cart Secures all Equipment

Mobile Security Camera Cart Lets You Put a Security Camera Where Ever It’s Needed

Additional information
Weight 96 lbs
Dimensions 27 x 26 x 7 in