MONKEYmount 280


Universal Tablet Stand

Use  Virtually Any Tablet as a Document Camera*
360°Swivel & Tilt and Height Adjustment
The unique ball-joint pivot allows for extreme movement, allowing the tablet to be positioned parallel to the surface on which the stand sits.  This allows the tablet to go into Document Camera Mode. In Document Camera Mode, the tablet can be raised and lowered manually along the gooseneck arm for enhanced zooming. The stand has a weighted steel base with a neoprene bottom for stability during normal use and has includes the hardware needed for mounting.

Universal Design
Four adjustable arms can be extended or retracted to create the perfect fit for  virtually any tablet device. All buttons and ports are exposed for normal use.

Tablet Holder Dimensions:

Width:    MIN 5.5 in/139.7 mm    MAX 9 in/228.6 mm

Length:  MIN 7.75 in/196.8 mm   MAX 11.5 in/292.1 mm

Max Depth:  0.865 in/22 mm

Cross Product Design

The ball-joint can be removed from the arm with a security allen wrench and fits on microphone stands or any 5/8″ dia. rod.  This is ideal for library applications or other situations where a tablet needs to available for users of various heights.  The MONKEYmount 280 comes with an oval mounting plate that detaches from the base plate for installing the MONKEYmount 280 on counters, carts or other work surfaces, including a KONGcart 2000.

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Tablet Holder Dimensions
MIN  (inch/mm) MAX  (inch/mm)
Width 5.5 / 139.7 9 / 228.6
Length 7.75 / 196.8 11.5 / 292.1
Max Depth 0.865 / 22