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Complete Presentation Solution
The MSP Cart 2095 safely and securely houses a laptop, projector, and doc camera/iPad or other IT device and integrates them seamlessly into the classroom.

Designed with heavy teacher input, the MSP Cart 2095 was designed to allow schools, banquet halls, community centers, etc. to easily and efficiently set up for a presentation in a flash.

Keeping all equipment secure and within arm’s reach, the MSP Cart 2095 makes it simple for teachers and presenters to make adjustments to suit their teaching styles.

The intuitive projector mount is a powerful feature that sets the MSP Cart apart; adjustments and maintenance no longer require a ladder and the projector is always secure. An adjustable ball joint pivot allows the projector to be adjusted for the perfect shooting angle, while remaining within easy reach. The projector mount is also independently height adjustable to reduce the amount of obstruction to the viewing audience.

The mounting plate for the projector has a universal slotted design, allowing for virtually any projector to be mounted. A Crescent Plate can be mounted on the left, right or center of the top shelf and provides a handy way to secure an additional IT device such as tablet, scanner or printer.

The MSP Cart 2095 was designed to be used either sitting or standing. With hydraulic lift assist, the MSP Cart adjusts from 20″-42″ with ease. Three knobs secure the Cart at the desired height.

For equipment without threaded inserts,  Security Disk Kit SKU 1888 is needed.

Optional Accessory

Universal Mount for Tablets – MONKEYmount
Use virtually any tablet device as a document camera with this height adjustable and flexible arm mount. Mounts to workstand.

Mobile & Secure Cart Features
  • Lockable pull out drawer for laptop security
  • Custom height adjustment
  • Unique circular design allows for a large work surface while maintaining a small footprint
  • Crescent Plate for secure mounting of additional IT device
  • Universal projector mount
  • Center shelf for extra storage
  • Six outlet surge protector with 20″ cord to wall located on underside of Center Shelf

Reg. Patent No.:  Patened
Product Code: 2095
Cart Type: Multimedia
Laptop: Yes
Document Camera: Yes, or other IT device
Projector: Yes

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