Large School District Saves Big When Using the KONGcart Bundle

Garden Grove Unified School District had a challenge: how to refresh aging edtech equipment in more than 50 elementary & middle schools without breaking their budget. The answer came in the form of a KONGcart Bundle consisting of the KONGcart – a secure multimedia cart, a projector, document camera, speaker, and laptop. As the KONGcart Bundles were rolled-out in the schools; principals, teachers, and administrators gave them raving reviews for their ease of use, superior security features, and durability.
In 2009, GORILLAdigital sought to re-design the av cart or multimedia cart to put today’s edtech equipment within easy reach of teachers while locking the value devices down to prevent theft or accidental damage. In the process, the company created the best projector mount in the industry, one that secures and provides ultimate adjustment options. See more than 50 teacher testimonials from Garden Grove schools to learn just how functional the KONGcart projector mount is.
To find out how GORILLAdigital saved this school district more than $600,000 and made schools happy contact us at today.