Seasoned AV Sales Pro Breaks Down the KONGcart

Top sales exec for a national av reseller says the KONGcart does it all.

No other multimedia cart efficiently allows for all 4 devices [projector, tablet (or doc camera), laptop, and speaker] on the same cart like the KONGcart does. “

The pull out shelves on most carts are where teacher materials, doc cam, or projector would be placed.  Those shelves, however, aren’t very safe locations for the doc cam nor for the projector to rest when moving from room to room.   Also, those items aren’t ‘secured’ (or ‘tied down’) to the cart without the expense of extra cablelock/security kits.  But most importantly, the placement of the projector on other carts makes it difficult for the teacher to face the students and project to the rear, when teachers try this with other carts their shoulders block the image or they get glare in their eyes.  The KONGcart’s off-center projector mount makes a big difference in this regard.

You will find that those carts have a larger overall footprint than the KONGcart by GORILLAdigital especially when you compare a round cart to a rectangular one.   None of the other carts made by the other manufacturers are round.   Most of those are knock-offs of their older carts which were intended either just for a projector and laptop, or for an overhead transparency projector.   The addition of the document camera or tablet and the related need for a location to put teacher materials is an afterthought and none of these other manufacturers have put a lot of real effort into designing a cart which effectively houses all four elements.  The beauty of a round cart is that you can rotate it so the instructor can stand behind the cart, to the side of the cart, or in front, depending upon how the projector position/direction is desired.   The projector platform can rotate along with the cart so that the projector can always project onto the screen no matter where the teacher is in relation.    A rectangular cart will take up more space in the front of the classroom.

Mike Rayburn, Troxell Communications