Teachers Speak Up about KONGcarts

Security features protect the equipment, while the KONGcart’s rugged design and mobility make it convenient for daily use. The KONGcart has a small footprint, yet it provides a large work surface and a secure laptop drawer. An innovative arm provides 360-degree rotation of the projector, so teachers can use any wall in the class and can switch from one wall to another in seconds.

KONGcarts are height adjustable, so they can be easily configured on site for a wide range of users — from pre-Kindergarten to high school classes.  The height range of 29” to 41” also lets teachers use the equipment either seated or standing.

“The security cart has been wonderful to use with the document camera, because I can move it around in all different directions, heights and angles for my students to see better, and get better use,” said first-grade teacher Sabrina Duffy of Arovista Elementary School in Brea.

The most obvious advantage of the KONGcart bundle program is its cost savings. It would cost around $50,000 to equip a 25-classroom school with KONGcart bundles, as opposed to $100,000+ for permanent, fixed installation of digital media equipment. KONGcarts and digital equipment can be installed in a typical school in just two days – a recent installation in San Leandro High School in California of 92 KONGcarts and equipment took two days.

“We like the way the KONGcart mounts all our equipment, so teachers have ready access to projectors, document cameras and laptops,” explained Mark Mariola, technology director for Garden Grove Unified School District, which has KONGcarts in use at more than 65 schools.

“Using this new technology enhanced the way I could communicate … in a way I never could have dreamed possible,” said Pattie Romero, a teacher at Arovista Elementary School in Brea.

Educators who have used the system agree that the ease of use and versatility of the KONGcart has helped make digital media an integral part of the classroom experience.

“With the introduction of tablets and chromebooks into the classroom, my KONGcart is the perfect way to conduct heads-up learning and the ability to move the projector to any wall lets me teach in small group settings very well,” said Harry Blaker, a fifth-grade teacher at Stevens Creek Elementary in Cupertino (Calif.) — one of 15 schools in Cupertino Union School District where KONGcarts are in use.

“All students are able to see what I am showing them, and they are more attentive,” Blaker added. “I have shown videos, online material and Web pages. The adjustability and durability of the cart is wonderful: It has all been very well thought out.”

Catherine Cabiness, a teacher at James Irvine Intermediate School in Garden Grove, said she appreciates the speed at which she is able to switch from the KONGcart’s document camera to the laptop — in a matter of seconds. “This adds (impact) to my instruction, because we can take notes on the big screen and then quickly switch over to a QuickTime movie for visual effects. The students seem to like the new technology, as well.

“The KONGcart has definitely impacted my instruction,” Cabiness added. “I’m able to bring more visuals, as well as audio to my students. In fact, the KONGcart has been warmly welcomed to my class and ‘he’ is now affectionately known as ‘Bill.’ The outside world has had this type of technology for some time, and I’m really glad that, (in the classroom), we’re finally moving into the electronic/digital age.”

KONGcarts are available on GORILLAdigital’s web site or through B&H and other AV dealers.  For more details about the KONGcart and tablet accessories contact GORILLAdigital at (800) 880-3988 ext. 302 or visit www.goapedigital.com.