KONGcart Bundles Compliment Blended Learning Classrooms

by Christopher Meyer, President, GORILLAdigital

GORILLAdigital provides a comprehensive AV presentation solution for schools consisting of a Laser LED projector, a US-made 30W sound system, & univ tablet stand that makes the iPad work like a document camera all securely mounted on a patented, height adjustable, and mobile KONGcart.  After installing more than 4000 KONGcarts in schools, our company decided to select the equipment we think is best suited for schools and offer a complete, turn-key solution.  Our Bundle partners include Casio, a world leader in laser led projectors that recently announced a light source guarantee of 10,000 hours (5-7 years of daily use); and Anchor Audio which provides a 30W system that is made in the USA and comes with a 6 year guarantee.

The KONGcart Bundle is an appropriate and scalable presentation solution for schools that can replace Interactive White Boards, compliment a large-format touch screen approach, or serve as a campus-wide utility player for digital presentations. Cost and convenience factors make the KONGcart Bundle ideal for K12 schools with limited budgets and scant resources to manage complicated installation projects.

Blended learning classrooms usually have 30-70% of classroom time dedicated to online learning with the balance being heads-up learning. The KONGcart Bundle is an ideal presentation solution for the Blended Classroom, fitting school budgets where 1-to-1 purchases are complimenting other classroom hardware. The KONGcart Bundle has several equipment options, but the mid-range Bundle package runs 65% less than a comparable interactive white board set-up and 41% less than the cost of installing equipment in the ceiling.  In addition to the value proposition KONGcart Bundles offer compared to ceiling or wall mounted systems, since KONGcarts are mobile, they can be shared between classrooms.

Although a tablet computer is not included in the Bundle, a universal tablet stand is a Bundle option.  This stand helps any tablet go into document camera mode and with the free APP that comes with the Casio Laser LED projector, or one of the many apps currently available, the tablet can serve as an interactive device that frees the teacher from the front of the room and incorporates most of the features of an interactive white board for a fraction of the cost.

Another feature of the KONGcart Bundle is the ability to direct the LED projector onto any wall with ease. This facilitates small group learning in a way that ceiling or wall mounted projectors, or large screen monitors cannot.